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Memo for pet owners who plan to travel to other countries

In accordance with the requirements of the European Commission, for border crossing, entry or transit, all pets (dogs, cats) must be vaccinated against rabies by a veterinary doctor:

  • the animal must be 12 weeks old on the date of vaccination;
  • the date of introduction of the vaccine must not be earlier than the date of microchip marking;
  • get tested for antibodies to rabies:
    • the test is carried out on a blood sample taken by a veterinary doctor no earlier than 30 days after the date of vaccination and no later than three months before the date of departure;
    • the test result should show the level of neutralizing antibodies to rabies virus in the blood serum of 0.5 IU / ml or more
    • the test must be performed in a certified laboratory.

Similar requirements apply in the UAE, Taiwan, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Great Britain (England, Ireland), Norway, etc.

The private veterinary laboratory of NEOVETLAB UKRAINE LLC is included in the list of certified laboratories that conduct blood serum tests for antibodies against rabies. For a list of certified laboratories, please follow this link: ec.europa.eu/food/animals/pet-movement/approved-labs_en

Our laboratory accepts samples for research at the address: 03022, Kiev, st. Vasilkovskaya 28. (Metro Vasilkovskaya)

We work: from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 19 hours, on Saturday from 9 to 15 hours. Our phones +380 (50) 191 33 83, +380 (68) 494 33 83, e-mail: admin@neovetlab.com .ua or neovetlab@ukr.net

Serums for research are selected exclusively by a veterinary doctor in sterile polypropylene tubes (Epindorf type) in a volume of at least 0.5 ml and are tightly closed for transportation.

Serum must be transported in a thermocontainer (thermos) with ice. When delivering serum to the laboratory, you must have an accompanying document issued by a veterinary doctor. It is possible to send the sera in a thermocontainer (thermos) also by courier mail, necessarily with an accompanying document, a copy of the first page of the owner’s passport, animal passport and a receipt confirming payment for research. For those who live in Kiev or Kiev region – sampling is possible in the city of residence.

The cost of research is 2000 UAH. 00 kopecks When paying for research by bank transfer, the receipt of payment must be attached to the accompanying document.

The research result is written out on the official letterhead in Ukrainian and English. Check the correctness of all the data in the accompanying document – especially the inscriptions of the surname, owner’s name and animal names in English.

Serum samples without an identification number, animals (microchip) and samples unsuitable for research (hemolyzed) or those that have been received with a violation of the integrity of the container (test tubes) are not subject to research and are disposed of.

The period for testing a sample is 10 days (if necessary, the period can be reduced to 4-5 days, subject to an increase in the cost of research).

With us you can rent certified containers for transporting animals, or get a full support service for organizing the transportation of an animal abroad.

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