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Licensed animal transport container

The animals are transported in a licensed animal transport container, securely closed.

The container must meet the requirements of IATA (International Air Carriers Association) and be commensurate with the size of the animal. The approximate required dimensions of the container can be determined as follows. The height of the container should be equal to the height of the standing animal, the width should be twice its width, and the length should be equal to the length of the body plus half the length of the leg. The bottom of the container cage in which the animal is transported must be covered with an absorbent material. The container must provide air access.

Wooden cages are not accepted for air travel.

Control is carried out at check-in, and if the container for the animal does not meet the specified requirements, the animal is not allowed on board the aircraft. In most cases, the carriage of an animal is paid for as excess baggage (depending on which “weight” or “seat system” the carrier uses), regardless of other baggage. Usually, there will be 15-25 USD fee.

Neither the airline nor the agent who issues your ticket is responsible for the correctness of the veterinary documents.

When preparing a container for air transportation, place an absorbent cloth (diaper) on the bottom and securely fix the drinking bowl with water. Decide in advance on the size of the container. The animal should have comfortable transportation conditions, that is, it should be free to stand up in it, turn around or lie down with its limbs extended.