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Identification (chipping) of animals

Electronic identification of animals has been introduced in the world for over 15 years and is enshrined in legislation in many countries. The development of electronic identification has accelerated since 2004, after the entry into force of the new EU requirements for the obligatory chipping of dogs and cats, through the subcutaneous injection of a microchip.

The chip MUST be installed before the last rabies vaccination (or on the same day before vaccination). The vaccination carried out after the installation of the chip is considered primary (that is, even if the animal was previously vaccinated against rabies, the first vaccination after the installation of the chip provides for keeping the animals in quarantine for 21 days).


The chip has meet the international ISO standards. In dogs and cats, the chip is implanted under the skin, in the back – between the shoulder blades.

The microchip is contained in a sterile capsule made of biocompatible glass and is a carrier of a 15-digit digital code, individual for each animal, which is preserved throughout its life. Implantation of a microchip capsule is an easy, quick and painless procedure that involves subcutaneous injection. The disposable implantation applicator is supplied with the microchip in a sterile package. The use of biocompatible glass avoids migration of the chip under the animal’s skin.

device for chipping animals

The microchip implanted under the skin of the animal must comply with the SO11784, SO11785 standards.
Identification with an expressive mark (allowed only until 2011).

The barcode label, which indicates chipping, must be pasted into the passport, signed by the veterinarian and the seal of the veterinary institution that performed the procedure.


device for chipping animals -2chipped animal card

The procedure for identifying animals with a stamp or microchip


Electronic identification

For animals born before 2011, identification with an expressive brand is allowed. Animals that are transported to EU countries through Boryspil airport and other border checkpoints are scanned. A unified database of Ukraine’s chipped animals is presented on the website: www.tracer.com.ua