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FAVN testing

Subject: Rabies Serology Laboratories Proficiency Testing Technical Report, April 2018

Added report contains statistical analysis of the results sent by the laboratories of the participants to the professional test with rabies serology, organized in April 2018

Your laboratory code is L59.

As you can see, your lab was successful in professional testing for the FAVN test in April 2018.

We kindly inform you that we have improved the technical report again, in order to comply with the international standard ISO / CEI 17043.

We also inform you that you have 15 days after receiving your email notification to provide us with any comment, remarks or appeals against your performance scores in this proficiency testing scheme. After this period, the results will be considered final and they will be sent to the European Commission or your competent authority for a decision.

We hope that this analysis will help everyone identify the path for improvement and contribute to the acquisition of our overall professionalism.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely yours,

Florence click Marina Vashnevski
Director of the Reference Laboratory
with European Union rabies serology
Rabies Serology Proficiency Testing Coordinator
European Union Rabies Serology Laboratory Reference