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Veterinary international certificate

For the importation of cats or dogs into the EU countries from other countries, you must have a veterinary certificate for pets that are transported to the territory of the European Union for non-commercial purposes (EU Regulation 577/2013), which is prescribed by the official veterinarian of the relevant state, (in Ukraine it is issued by the veterinary service at the points of veterinary control at the border and transport). Such a certificate certifies that the animal is properly identified and vaccinated against rabies in accordance with EU Regulation 576/2013.

The international veterinary certificate must be correctly drawn up and therefore require veterinary specialists at the border veterinary control point to fill in also in English, for Germany – in German.


From August 1, 2019, information from passports for animals of an unspecified pattern when crossing the state border will not be taken into account. The movement of domestic dogs and cats will be carried out exclusively on the basis of veterinary passports for a pet of the established standard.
We will remind that the uniform form of the form of the veterinary and sanitary passport on a pet (pets – cats, dogs) is approved by the order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy from 10/26/2017 № 578 which made changes to Rules of filling, storage, writing off of veterinary documents and requirements to their accounting order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy dated 01.08.2014 № 288).