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Veterinary certificate

The main document that gives the right to transport animals and birds (it is necessary not only when crossing the border, but also for transporting an animal by road, rail or air in Ukraine) is a veterinary certificate (Form 1), which is exchanged for an international veterinary certificate for state border of Ukraine, representatives of the state veterinary service at the border and transport. For the CIS countries, Form 1-BET (CIS) is issued, completed in Russian.

Veterinary certificates form 1-BET are issued to animal owners only in state veterinary institutions, if the owner has a veterinary passport (certificate) for the animal, indicating the dates of vaccinations and the names of vaccines. Form 1-BET is issued to the owner by the state service of veterinary medicine no earlier than 5 days before the animal is moved abroad after a clinical examination of the animal and if the owner has a veterinary passport for the animal.

All necessary vaccinations must be carried out no earlier than a year and no later than a month before departure.